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“Over the River and Through the Wood, to grandmother’s house we go . . .” It’s that time of the year—time to put on your holiday spirit and get busy. Grandma, they’re coming to your house for Thanksgiving, then one-two-three, Christmas is upon us. If you’re like our family, you may be celebrating the holidays together and creating something one of my friends calls, Thank-mas
            When I first heard my friend mention Thank-mas, my mind went into overdrive and I began to consider all the ways to celebrate. First of all, I don’t like to put up our Christmas tree until after Thanksgiving, but I could certainly put up a smaller tree for the Thank-mas occasion. I always like to go around the Thanksgiving table and have everyone name something for which they are thankful. My next aha-thought was, How about making turkey or pumpkin cards for family members to write the things they are thankful for on? Then we could use these to decorate our Thank-mas tree.

           I s…

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